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Testimonials Regarding Our Help

  • I have been feeling kind of lost with my work.  I couldn't decide if I had too much about one topic and not enough about the other --in my lit review.  I felt as though I did not have a nice flow to Chapters 2 and 3, but I did not know where to turn my focus. The free content on the site was so great I bought a monthly membership - the map makes it all so easy!
    Shirley J

  • certainly keeps us on the right track. If we follow her instructions we will understand what we are doing eventually. She is my motivation.  I must admit I do get overwhelmed at times and the only solution is to stop, walk away, and get to another task. Of course, I would return a day or two to continue the process. Thank heavens I joined the finishing faster group!
    H Speckels

  • A kudo to you. For me when everything was falling thru the cracks and it didn't seem like I would make it you made a way and did forward thinking to be my ankle link. For so many of use you are supplying the missing link that leads to our success.
    Juliette Brown

  • Regarding the conferences: That is just one of the positive sides of the DoctoralNet site you are able to stay connected to a professional group of peers and othe teachers like yourself that are truly able to bring in helpful insight that can be applied to your study. Plus you are able to see how it works in other DM student's studies as well. That is the beauty of this type of group. you can see and identify with the purpose of the group and purpose of the cite.
    Juliette Brown

  • RE Consulting: I have gotten more out of the hour with Dr. James than a full quarter and 4000 dollars at my university!
    Justin Alex

  • Regarding everything DocNet does: I want to let you know how much it has meant to me to have you on my team. I know I couldn't have made it through this journey, particularly in this time frame, without you. You have always provided me with spot-on suggestions and I am eternally grateful for your help. It has been such an honor to get to know you. I am excited to start this new journey and appreciate all of your advice. I owe you everything! Thanks again for being the BEST help in the world! With all my love and appreciation, Jennifer
    Jennifer Williams, Ed.D.

  • Regarding the DNA Map: I am finding that applying DoctoralNet's mapping approach tends to suit me best. I find some traction by looking over the lit rev map again and again. What an author said, where did h/she say it; was there a particular concept proposed, and who supported or refuted it?
    Ademola Asaya,

  • Re the DNA map: Working on Section III first allowed me to get to the crux of the dissertation first so that the literature review flows seamlessly into the methodology. Thank You so much!!! I wish they had taught us this in the class modules when we were beginning the drafting process!
    Jodi Leffingwell

  • Regarding DNA Map: I got a new appreciation for your map. When I first looked at it I was thinking that "I am beyond that." Fact is, I am not. So tomorrow I am going back to the map step by step to gain the insight I need to go forward.
    Clarence Harper

  • Re Doc Net Academy: I found the dissertation help in Doctoral Net Academy provided by Dr. James to be most helpful in getting a deeper understanding of the intent and purpose of a literature review as well as the process and method for writing a review of the pertinent literature in my research.
    Jennifer Batchelor

  • Regarding DNA membership content: I watch these videos like most people watch movies.
    Kathie Matthews

  • Regarding DNA content: I do re-watch the videos and plan to do so again this weekend. Just when I think I understand everything I inevitably forget it all again. The videos are a life saver.
    Anonymous Student

  • Regarding DNA content: Dr. Alana, I cannot explain how helpful your videos and lessons are...I watch them and become very knowledgeable, and learn what I should have been asking ( and maybe doing) during the downtime. Thanks! I will share, pass along, and commence to using the tools!
    Renee Mills

  • About DocNet in general: Many times I was discouraged and decided to be "ABD" but your prompting and "no worries" encouraged me to continue on. Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, and encouragement through it all.

  • Re Finishing Faster: I now have a process that is clear, understandable and a support group where I can openly ask question and receive positive feedback, even if the feedback pin-points changes that I need to make. The finishing faster group mission and the goal of the doctoralnet website is one in the same to complete a successful Doctoral program by completing a successful and accepted dissertation - and they definitely make that happen!
    Cindy Galloway

  • Re consulting: Dr. James has a way making it plain. I general have a clear focus after conferencing with her.
    Angela Belfield

  • Regarding group work: What you said to me is true: it's the telling and the commitment to others that makes the difference, it's the theory put into ACTION, it's the willingness to get on with it, in partnership with others... I can't tell you how grateful I am for your encouragement and direction :D
    Ken Long

  • RE the conferences: Dr. James certainly keeps us on the right track. If we follow her instructions we will understand what we are doing eventually. She is my motivation. The design is fascinating and that keeps me focused. We will do well. We just need to believe in our abilities, and reflect on the motivation we had when we first enrolled.
    Hermie Speckels

  • Re finishing faster: Start writing chapter 3 Methodology before chapter 2 was a great lesson for me. I stopped writing chapter 2 and start looking more into my methodology. It has taken a lot of time however. I am learning to as they say ' slow my roll' and pay attention to my research design. This has been a great benefit.
    Finishing Faster Anonymous comments

  • Regarding finishing faster: What worked for me? Finding three different dissertations and using them for different reasons and using them as an example for my own dissertation. (One dissertation for how well it was written, one for the methodology I am using and one for a good literature review.)
    Finishing Faster Anonymous comments

  • Regarding finishing faster: What worked for me? Becoming a part of the doctoral academy. A process whereby I take a look at the steps needed to accomplish milestones that are set up in the academy process, Then, seeing where the gaps are and going back and realigning these steps to create success and then moving forward
    Finishing Faster Anonymous comments

  • Re consultations: Lost, confused, and defeated I didn’t know what to do, like there was a cloud over my brain. I just stopped. Then came Alana. One 45 minute conversation with her made me feel better than I have in months. She was encouraging and understanding, walked me through the process and laid out the journey ahead. She helped me find or perhaps “rediscover” my purpose and goals.
    JIU student

  • Re private consultation: This morning I “Skyped” with Dr. Alana and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome of our conversation. Prior to speaking with Dr. Alana I was truly ready to quit. I felt lost, confused and ,honestly, as though I didn’t have what it took to complete this program. I hope that none of you are having as difficult of a time as I am but if you are I implore you to talk to Alana, don’t wait. If I had spoken to Alana weeks ago I would have so much more accomplished right now. I think I waited so long because of my own pride and, frankly, embarrassment.
    Victor Miles


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  2. Dissertation Help: Writing Do's and Don'ts
  3. Video: Get Your Head Straight BEFORE You Start to Write Your Dissertation
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  5. The Maze of Dissertation Work
  6. Types of Doctoral Dissertation Proposals
  7. What Makes an Outstanding Dissertation
  8. Not sure what to write? Here are tips to finding a subject for your doctorate
  9. Dissertation Sample Template: Chapters 1-3
  10. PhD Dissertation Structure - Alternate Proposal Chapter Headings
  11. Heading Sources and Requirements
  12. Use of Headings
  13. Activity: Pull Headings from Four Sources
  14. Proposal for Dissertation: Chapters 1-3
  15. Slides: Explanation of Headings
  16. Video: Use of Headings
  17. Get Started! Writing a PhD Dissertation or Thesis
  18. Getting Started: What Makes a Dissertation?
  19. Dissertation Help: Tips for Finishing PhD Dissertation Thesis in Three Years
  20. Finding Model Dissertations
  21. Dissertation Help: How to Write a PhD Dissertation Faster
  22. How to Write a Dissertation: Follow these Steps
  23. Slides: Basic Truths
  24. Slides: What Makes an outstanding dissertation or thesis?
  25. Slides: The Difference Between Normal and Outstanding Dissertations/Thesis
  26. Dissertation Help: PhD Dissertation Topics and Research Questions
  27. The Logical Progression from Topic to Questions/Problems and Significance
  28. Dissertation Writing Services: The Short and Sweet Overview of the Logic of the Proposal
  29. The Logic of a PhD Thesis Proposal
  30. Develop PhD Thesis Topics
  31. Slides: The Logic and Most Efficient Approach for the Research Proposal
  32. Video: UK-US Comparison:Discussion of Doctoral Research Logic
  33. Stage 1 Choosing Your Interests and Research Topic
  34. Activity: Topic(s) Listed and Initial Reading Begins Defining Your Research
  35. Slides: Focus on population & sample
  36. Video: Organize That Dissertation Literature Review!
  37. Dissertation Help: The Review of Literature In 5 Easy Steps
  38. Video: Inspiration for Chapter 2
  39. Using EndNote for Tracking and Organizing Literature for Your Lit Review
  40. Using EndNote for Your Literature Review (DNA Video)
  41. Bibliographic Software
  42. Exercise To Create a Better Literature Review
  43. Discovery about Literature
  44. 10 Weeks of Measurable Actions For Lit Reviews
  45. Writing a Plan for Your Literature Review: Avoid Wasting Unnecessary Time
  46. Activity - Starting To Read with These Things in Mind
  47. Article - Know Where You Are Going: The Parameters of the Lit Review
  48. Article: Don't Just Read for Content
  49. Sample Literature Review
  50. Slides: Chapter 2 / Literature Review Inspiration
  51. Slides: End Note Literature Review
  52. Thinking About Methodology
  53. Activity: Table of Methods/Methodologies Begun
  54. Dissertation Research Methods: Considering What Method Is Right for You
  55. Introduction to Quantitative Research
  56. When to Use Quantitative Methods?
  57. Population and Make Up of Samples: Sorting them out
  58. Video: Thinking About Methodology
  59. Writing Your Problem Statement
  60. More about the Problem Statement
  61. Checklist For Problem Statement Sections
  62. Thesis Statement Examples
  63. Thesis Statement Generator
  64. An Idea is Not a Problem: And therefore not the basis you need for research
  65. Postscript to: An Idea is Not a Problem
  66. A dissertation research problem from your professional practice
  67. Slides: Bringing Your Ideas in line with Your Research Methodology
  68. Slides: Selecting the Research Problem for your Doctoral Dissertation
  69. About Research Questions When Writing Your Dissertation
  70. Developing Your Research Questions
  71. Stage 2 - Uncovering the Purpose and Questions That Support Your Research Design
  72. Stage III: Writing Questions That Can Be Measured - The Tie between Theory and Practice
  73. Slides: Thinking about Methods - Leading to Methodology
  74. Slides: Methodology for both sides of the pond

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