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Hourly Support

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The research design process is long and iterative.  Do each automation© over and over until you are sure of your ideas, then move on the next.
Go to: For Members/ Automations and choose the one that is right for you.

Gain Mastery Over the Subtleties

Regular webinars Sept - June aid students in understanding what makes for an outstanding dissertation or thesis.  The link below takes you to a page to explain it better.
Hosted on Bigmarker, you will need to CLICK HERE to register on that site to attend. Can't make one you want to see?  RSVP yes and we will send you the link.

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You may feel confused and frustrated.  All of our professors have helped dozens of students through the maze of thesis work to graduation.  

You'll be amazed at how much better you feel after an hour of help.

How Much Do Our Services Cost?

DoctoralNet is a modular system of services, take as much or as little as you need to keep it within your budget.  
Our Finishing Faster Group is the most cost effective option, but all services are outlined here.

Down With Plagiarism

We NEVER write anything for you.  That would be plagiarism as you cannot turn in someone else's writing as your own.  Other services may suggest that you can, but if your university finds out they will never accept your work. Click below to read more about this topic.

The joy in being a Doctor is in knowing that you had the intellect to make it through - let us help you on that journey - legally.  

If you wish, our professors are happy to speak with your university about the work we offer.

What Do Others Say About Our Work?

We have hundreds of thankful testimonials from students, just like yourself, in all fields, across the globe who have been helped by our services.
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Two Books We Highly Recommend

If you are a novice at research you will need texts that are clearly written to explain the decisions you must make as you design your research.  
If you are an experienced researcher you need texts to quickly check on: 1) what goes in each chapter, 2) how to use headings, 3) what differentiates the "normal" from the outstanding thesis, 4) how to do a critical analysis, etc.  
These two books are acclaimed best sellers by students because they are easy to understand.

411 for Quick Information

New to us?  Not sure how helpful this content will be?  Go to the map, choose a few things you might use and then pay just $4.11 as a one time charge for a few days access to the site.  Test it out for yourself - then you can decide.
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Remember, you must use you must sign in every time you come to the site in order to ensure you have the full access allowed to your level of registration/membership to these tools.
Watch for emails and helpful hints in your control panel (accessed as you sign in) for this months special information, topics, etc.  Also available in your control panel are downloadable dissertations/thesis to help you understand the format of the work.

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Testimonials Regarding Our Help

Dr. Colette Solebo, MD, PhD

My university did not prepare me for the depth of the demands of constructing a solid doctoral-level argument. I found myself needing guidance towards reading not just about evidence, but on understanding the THINKING behind research evidence. DoctoralNet gave me an incomparably comfortable open forum, with similar level academics to thrash out the circuitous processes in MY mind.

Dr. Juliette Brown, DM

DoctoralNet services continually met my needs as a Doctoral Candidate, the interactive map taught me how to put the components of a research proposal together, the online conferencing gave me live interactions with the leader and other members, the content on site helped develop my research and the feedback, checklists. etc aimed my writing towards an award-winning, publishable dissertation. I couldn't have been happier with the set up, and I wouldn't have graduated nearly so easily without it.

Dr. Charaine Lucas, EdD

Okay, so I went to bed tonight feeling a bit despondent thinking about the different corrections I made to chapter 3. Then my eyes fell on your book that was on the bedroom cabinet so I picked it up and chapter 6 caught my attention. After reading it through somehow I saw things I didn't recognize before and it was like air for a drowning man.

Dr. Colette Solebo, MD, PhD

Through DoctoralNet I learned how to make my argument palatable to a varied yet learned audience. I would recommend everything here to others ... (because) Mainline research training does not as yet have the breadth to bring you face-to-face, except in (terrifying) conference setttings with the breadth of academics available @ the DNET retreats. In one discussion up to 3 time zones could be represented, and everyone accepts it is a shared learning environment.

Dr. Juliette Brown, DM

That is just one of the positive sides of the DoctoralNet site you are able to stay connected to a professional group of peers and other students like yourself who are truly able to bring in helpful insight that can be applied to your study. Plus you are able to see how research design ideas work in other student's studies. That is the beauty of participating in these groups, I wouldn't be here now if I hadn't had this support.

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