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Qualitative Data Collection in a PhD Dissertation/Thesis

Qualitiative data collectonThis section outlines the ways to collect qualitative data and discusses practical considerations that researchers need to take into account as they implement these strategies. Though distinct categories are listed, in reality these categories may seem much more ambiguous to researchers gathering data in the field. Nonetheless, it is useful to divide them here for the purpose of discussion (Byrne-Armstrong, Higgs, & Horsfall, 2001; Maxwell, 1996; Patton & Patton, 2002; Snape & Spencer, 2003; Strauss & Corbin, 1998).

The following material is an excerpt from our first book (James, E. A., Milenkiewicz, M., & Bucknam, A. 2008, p. 69) and answers the question, "How do I use qualitative data as I write my dissertation?" It is provided here as part of the dissertation help series. 

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